Guide Of How To Be Tiktok Shop Seller 

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Tiktok Shop Seller is a very easy job. You do not need to worry about anything, but only need to upload your video on tiktok and get popular. Here we will give you some guidance on how to be TikTok Shop Seller: 

Get Your Own Shop

  • Get Your Own Shop 

To get your own shop, you need to have at least 1k Tiktok Stars and then you can request for one by sending a message to the Tiktok Support team. The name of your shop must be unique which means no one else has that same name before or after you do so make sure when choosing it not include any numbers or symbols in it, only letters. 

Upload Your Videos

Once you have chosen a video, it’s time to upload it on Tiktok. If you are uploading a video for the first time, then make sure that your account is verified and has at least 100 followers. 

The next step is to select “create a post” option from either home page or profile page. Now, enter all relevant details like title of your video (this will be shown in search results), description (this will appear below title), tags (keywords related to your content) and category (related groups). Then hit ‘Create Post’. Once done with this process, go back again into edit mode by clicking on pencil icon at top right corner of window where everything was entered earlier on left side panel under Options menu 

Getting Shop Viewers

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your videos are of good quality and have a good title and description. If someone comes across your shop, they will see the name of the video and what it’s about before watching it. If there isn’t much information about the video, then they won’t be interested in watching it because they don’t know what type of content it contains or if there’s anything special about it at all. So make sure that when people search for TikTok shops on Google or other search engines like Bing or Yahoo!, yours shows up near the top! 

Get Popular Lesson With Discounts Offer

  • Offer a lesson that is popular. This will help you get more followers and increase your sales in the long run. 
  • Give away discounts or free lessons to your followers for following you and being loyal customers, this will make them feel appreciated, which in turn will make them come back to you again because they want to support you! 
  • Offer a lesson that relates directly with your niche, so people who are interested in it could easily find out more about what they want from TikTok Shop sellers like yourself! 

You can be a tiktok shop seller and it is easy

As you can see, you can be a tiktok shop seller and it is easy. There are many ways to do this but this guide will show you how I did it. 

To make profit from your TikTok shop, you need to create good content for people who want to buy things online. You also need to know what type of items sell well on TikTok so that when someone asks if they should buy something from your shop or not, they will always say yes! 


We hope you found this guide helpful and that it helped you get started as a Tiktok Shop seller. If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you!